Label or Barcode Printer Holder

  • Under-counter mount Product number 164-8319-1-1
  • Full extension Pull Out drawer
  • Full access for Spool changes
  • Side by side configuration

Video Instrument Magnifier (VIM)

  • Massive 400x magnification 1.3MP USB powered microscope
  • Still Image Capture: Instrument inspection via your PC
  • Takes digital stills as snapshots
  • Adjustable 8-LED white lighting

Spray Gun System


HEGA Rinsing guns ensure with their good dosing ability, a highly satisfactory result regardless of cleaning with water or drying with air. The most remote corners can be reached by easily connecting the various attachments. HEGA Rinsing Guns Dina and Nova have been designed and tested practice safe. All attachments lock securely to the standard cone, keeping the attachments safe and clean on a table or wall mount.

Developed from experience, HEGA Rinsing Guns ensure clean results with safe and easy handling. Whether for laboratory glassware, endoscopes, pipettes, syringes, cannulae, cystoscopes, cuvettes or various other applications in practce, clinic or laboratory, HEGA Rinsing and Washing Guns are the perfect choice.


Dina Rinsing Gun with Professional Set including 8 attachments and an attachment holder:

  1. Water jet pump for suction of liquids
  2. Bottle attachment for bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks
  3. Luer attachment for syringes and cannulae with luer cone
  4. Attachment for measuring and blood pipettes
  5. Record attachment for syringes and canulae with record cone
  6. Spray jet for glassware and surfaces
  7. Attachment for the cleaning of drainage tubes
  8. Attachment for the cleaning of catheters and valves


Nova Rinsing Gun with Professional Set including 5 attachments and an attachment holder:

  1. Rod brush, diameter 12mm, length 134mm
  2. U-brush, diameter 40mm, length 130mm
  3. Round brush, diameter 54mm, height 30mm
  4. Angle cleaner with angled pipe, 230mm long
  5. Ground cleaner with straight pipe, 250mm long