Cutting Table

The solution for efficiency in the Sterilization Reprocessing Department!!

More workspace because of the mountable rack for reels on the side. Rolling out the reel and measuring the correct size with the edged-in rulers placed all over the counter. Pouches are also off of the table by using a mountable rack with bins on the back. The Corian table top provides a non-glare work surface and with the dimension of 36” x 48” leaves you plenty of room to place your seal machine and make the table the optimal workspace. There is extra storage space under the table and a basket is assembled on the side of the table for packages ready for sterilization. This allows for full workspace usage throughout the shift. Table comes with racks, bins, shelves, basket and cutter and can be set to every desirable height upon installation. The castors allow for the table to be repositioned any time should that be necessary.