Neutralizing Rinse

Our ESI Neutralizing Rinse is a mild acid solution designed to neutralize the alkaline residue that detergents leave on Glassware, Surgical instruments and Rubber, metal and plastic items. It ensures complete neutralization of residual alkaline detergent carried over from the cleaning cycle in automatic washers/decontaminators.

Our ESI Neutralizing Rinse is highly concentrated and contains anti-corrosive agents to inhibit corrosion and prolongs the instruments use life. Its chelating additives counter act hard water and help protect surgical instruments by preventing spotting and staining.

The ESI Neutralizing Rinse leaves no spots and keeps instruments and equipment look like new.

The ESI Neutralizing Rinse is low pH value (1.7pH), Non-flammable and Non-corrosive.

Available sizes 5 and 15 Gallons

Cost Effective

Dilution only 1 - 3oz per cycle