Falconfire Inc. was formed in 2002. Initially established as a Biomedical service company, Falconfire Inc. Biomedical specialized in the service of Ultrasonic washing and disinfecting equipment.

Over the years Falconfire Inc. has included a line of MDRD and Endoscope Reprocessing support products with a full range of chemicals including our own R-Zyme Enzymatic Detergents, as well as numerous other products. To reflect this expansion, we changed our name in 2012 and became Falconfire Technologies Inc.

Increasing Health and Safety concerns expressed by our clients in the healthcare field, made it evident that ergonomics has become a priority in the healthcare community.
In response, Falconfire Technologies Inc. added the services of a Kinesiologist/Ergonomist. Additionally, Falconfire Technologies Inc. is pleased to have partnered with a local company that specializes in the design and manufacture of “positioning devices” that raise and lower work surfaces. The collaboration has facilitated the development and manufacture of adjustable workstations of various types, including Prep & Pack, Wrapping tables and Cutting tables, as well as desk/monitor workstations such as our PACS tables; with the additional capability of customizing other aspects of installations to the client’s requirements.

In 2014 Falconfire Technologies Inc., through a further partnership with another Canadian company specializing in the design and manufacture of stainless steel products, has developed a line of height adjustable stainless steel sinks, to meet with the latest standards and technologies.

As in the past, during any future development of Falconfire Technologies Inc., the requirements of our clients will always be the focus point and the objective remains facilitating a safe and efficient workplace for all.